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Md Raihan: is an Entrepreneur and successful organizer is an enterprising name in the Bangladesh

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Md Raihan – The business world of Bangladesh is intertwined with the existence of entrepreneurs. And as he has become well-known as an artist, one of his Album, Adori, has just been released online.

He has played a significant role in bringing back the values ​​among the people through various trainings of businessmen in Bangladesh to deal with various problems in the business world and it is still going on today.

Many prominent people in Bangladesh have been successful as entrepreneurs. If we want to name several; Zahurul Islam (August 1, 1926 – October 19, 1995) was a Bangladeshi entrepreneur.

He was the founder-chairman of the Islam Group. Going to work with his ideals from time to time. He used to highlight various injustices and inconsistencies in the society. He has worked tirelessly till his death to build a healthy and pure country and society in the face of rejection and anti-culture.

The Bengal Development Corporation (BDC) was formed to protect teenagers and youth from the vicious and treacherous business of the West.

This corporation is the first organization in Bangladesh to start construction business through competition in the Middle East.

His company built the courtyard of Bangladesh Sangsad Bhaban, Bangladesh Bank Bhaban, Bangladesh High Court Bhaban, Bangladesh Supreme Court Building, MP Hostel, and major highways in Bangladesh. He established a jute and furniture factory.

He has created countless entrepreneurs. Many popular entrepreneurs have grown up holding his hand.Digital Commerce unite is one of the things that business entrepreneurs and businesses think like him and are working hard today to take his dream forward.

Its respected founder, Md Raihan, thousands of followers know him as Md Raihan! And to his birth parents and neighbors, he is still revered as that darling.
Md Raihan since 2015.

Started working as an Entrepreneur. And he founded Digital Commerce Unite on his own initiative, and is working on outsourcing through it.

As a social organizer, he is engaged in human service as the general secretary of Bangladesh Manab Kalyan Sangathan.

Md Raihan, not only an entrepreneur and successful organizer, but also a young writer, he is currently working as a sea voice online writer and video graphics.

From school he passed S, S, C, besides he is studying at Ramu Government College (Degree) under Chittagong Board. And besides, he successfully completed HSC from Cox’s Bazar Harvard International College, Cox’s Bazar.

Person Md Raihan, business organizers are very optimistic about the prospects. That is why he is continuously organizing innumerable popular initiatives and organizations with the conviction of changing the society.

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